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Information secutiry and data leak prevention

Challenges in Data Management today are immense with data loss happening primarily from authorized users. In large organizations, it has become very difficult to control them as they have a need to share critical information with authorized users on a day to day basis for their smooth functioning.


pawaaSHARE, a browser based application, can help you give selective access to selective files with policies that can be defined at levels such as user based, file based and mime type based.

The file access could be configured:

  • within restricted environment
  • with restrictive permission types
  • within specified perimeter
  • with preset proximity control policies and IRM, DRM policie
There by ensuring that the data is getting accessed by the right user, in the right place and within the right time period and with selective permissions to save, save as, cut copy paste and even screen capture being controlled and monitored.

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